Alex AKA Myriadman

Hello! My name’s Alex. I’m a multidisciplinary digital modeller, designer, and content producer. Myriadman is my personal brand and “stage name”. My driver’s license says Paul Alexander Raszewski but, for reasons I won’t bore you with, I go by Alex.

As a Coventry University graduate with a BA (Hons) degree in Automotive and Transportation Design, it’s safe to say that I’m a car nerd. I love driving, modelling, sketching, rendering, filming, writing about, and building them (out of Lego). I have a great passion for the automotive industry and developing my career around it; specifically in the 3D realm.

Having worked in the automotive and video game industry, I’ve come to really appreciate the relationship between the two and developed a diverse skillset. Collectively, I have four years of experience in nurbs and poly modelling, visualisation, VR, UI design, sketching, and 2D rendering.

I also run an organisation with my dad called Toronto Electric Vehicle Association. It’s a non-profit that was created to facilitate the advancement of all electric vehicles and provide unbiased information for consumers; striving to promote EVs as a clean and healthy alternative. It started out as just a small Facebook group, which we still run, but now it’s a non-profit with over 1,500 members!

Additionally, I produce a variety of fun and informative content for clients as well as myself. When I’m not creating real estate video tours, I cover auto shows, review cars and tech, and play the good ol’ drums.

Currently looking for new opportunities in digital modelling. I’m proficient with numerous software products like Alias, Maya, Blender, Grasshopper, and VRED. I’m also a quick learner, good listener, and team player. Let’s work together!

That's me in front of a  Meccanica Solo .

That's me in front of a Meccanica Solo.